What is your coolest wildlife encounter?

@tinkerick (1257)
United States
May 7, 2008 10:47am CST
There's a state park very close to us, as well as a conservation park. Once in a while we just take a drive just to see what we can see. One time on our way home we pulled up to an intersection and we saw a doe standing in the middle of the road as if she had been crossing but stopped. She was probably about 100 yards away from us. She had her head turned and was looking behind her at the side of the road. We were like "what is she looking at?" Finally she finished crossing the road and disappeared. A moment later however, a big racoon came out from where the doe had been looking, and right behind the big racoon came 3 little ones all in a row. She led her babies across the road - the same way the doe went. The funniest thing was when she was almost across a 4th little one came running out of the bushes, trying to catch up. It was soooo adorable! The whole family witnessed this and we all thought it was an awesome sight to see.
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@palonghorn (5485)
• United States
7 May 08
I work for the forestry service, and there is a state park next to our station. I got out to work early one morning and decided to take a drive down into the park. Near an area where there a small cabins to rent, there is a dumpster at the end of the parking area, and there was a small bear there, I'm not sure what he was dragging off, looked like a child's floatie, but he had found him a prize. I went back around the same time several different mornings, hoping to get a picture, but I never saw him again. He was so cute dragging off his prize possession he had found.