I have to pee all the time....

@gxnfly (1148)
May 17, 2008 2:00am CST
Anyone else have this problem?? I have to pee pretty bad at least once an hour...Even worse,I always feel thirsty ,so when I drink water,have have to pee like very 30 minutes.I kind of feel like half of my time is wasted on going potty.Sometimes I have to get up 2 times a night and pee. I'm only 25! I'm wondering if maybe i have a bladder problem.Whatever it is, it's really getting on my nerves and has been this way for a long time now. Oh,I'm thirsty all the time too. I also try to cut out anything with caffeine . It's really annoying that i always have to go potty. It's also a decent output of urine each time I go, not just a little bit. This has been going on for quite a long time,any ideas?