Surley she's not ...........POUTING ? I am in all serousiness here, I'm worried.

United States
@cjgrooms (4458)
May 22, 2008 2:09am CST
I know that no one is going to believe me when i say that this is a SERIOUS question but here goes...Do dogs pout? My daughter came by yesterday with a friend of hers and her friends two little boys, the boys were afraid of our poodle (all 5lbs. of her) Georgia, so while they were here i put Georgia in her cage and locked the door. They were here about 45min. after they left i unlocked her cage and told her she could come on out, she didn't budge. I didn't think much about it just noticed awhile later she was out. For the rest of the day every time i tried to pet her she would turn her head and not look at me. Now this dog is like a little four legged shadow with me, (seriously, when i go to the bathroom she puts her nose and paws under the door the entire time i'm in there)! She is under my feet all the time. Until yesterday, she wouldn't have anything to do with me at all. I was afraid that maybe she was getting sick or something but she was okay with everybody else. At night she lets me and my husband get comfortable then after the lights are out she will inch her way up on her belly until she is between us and her nose is on my neck. Well when i started to bed tonight she stood up looked at me like i had put a gun to her head and threaten to pull the trigger climbed over my husbands legs and laid down behind him. That is when i relized that she was acting like a pouty child! This is the first dog i have ever had (she is really my sons)and admit to being pretty ignorant about them, but still if dogs pout wouldn't i have heard of it sometime in my life? Isn's a dog pouting against nature or something? I ordered a "How to care for your poodle" book for my son but i am starting to think i need to read it from cover to cover because if dogs really do pout and it's common knowledge then i feel dumber than a stump! I have raised 4 chidren, surley a dog can't be that hard to figure out! It is 3a.m. and i can't sleep from worring about this dog, i don't care if she wants to pout, but what if she is getting sick and i'm just to ignorant to know it? This poor puppy, she should have a family that knows what they are doing.I'm not that family. We were NEVER allowed to have pets growing up and although i did let my girls have cats when they were growing up, cats are different, their self-suffecient you just feed them they let you pet them when their in the mood and thats that! I should have made the boy get a cat-at least a cat would be safe from ignorance.