what are the uses of internet

May 27, 2008 10:25am CST
hello can anyone tell me what are the uses of internet .plz really if it doesn't have any need then why i give huge money monthly.
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@stephcjh (32385)
• United States
27 May 08
There are many uses of the internet. You can find and do just about anything online. You can search for things, play games, gamble, make money, talk with others and many more things. I make money every day online and have been doing so for years. Mylot is one of the places that do pay me also to come here and participate daily.
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• Croatia (Hrvatska)
28 May 08
You can share informations with others.. You can play game.. You can work... or simply you can be here where You are now, on my lot... .
• United States
27 May 08
The Internet is primarily a communications device allowing computers to talk to each other. People use the Internet for different reasons. * Some use the Internet to make purchases in their underpants and avoid waiting in line at the mall for that hot product. Others use the Internet to swap files, be it photographs of their niece, dog Spot, music, movies, or photographs of a Penthouse nature. Yet others use the Internet to talk to Grandma in China with out paying a phone company a red cent. * All of these uses, very different on the surface, involve communication at their base.
• United States
27 May 08
The usability of the internet is highly dependent on who you are and what position you're in. I'm homebound and a bargain shopper, so a majority of my shopping gets done online. I'm able to send packages and things by printing out shipping labels and arranging for pickup. I can also complete classes at a local university online. Even better, it's a fast, easy, and relatively safe medium for communication, networking, and entertainment. I'm able to sell things, do research without having to worry about not having the book, etc. If you would like to have internet and you think your monthly policy is too high, see if there are other options for cheaper plans through different companies and services. You don't need the best of the best connection to do the occasional surfing and email checking. Or, you could just go without it and see if you miss it or have a need for it. :)
@heartsoul (311)
• China
27 May 08
I think it provides us more convenient access to more informaion of any kind. It is also make communication with people easily with email and chatting tools instead of sending paper mails by post office. In addition, internet can provide us some way to solve problem. You can input the questions in some famous search engine and then find the answer!