Tired of being a mom

United States
@jalucia (1436)
May 29, 2008 9:41am CST
I was listening to a radio program and this woman wrote in to the program complaining about being a mother. She basically said that she was tired of being the one that her kids depended on. (She was recently divorced). She was tired of being the main provider for her children. I think all of us moms get tired from time to time. The part that was a little scary was that she was actually writing into a radio station hoping for a real solution. I think that, even though all of us moms need a break here and there, when your problem is that you are tired of being a mom - there is no solution. The most you can hope for is a sympathetic ear or a little bit of time to yourself. To complain to your friends/family is one thing ... it's comraderie. But, to write into a radio station about this makes me think that maybe she really is looking for a way out of motherhood - for good. What do you think? Do you ever get tired of being a mom? What do you do to get past it?