Are you more interested in how a person looks or how they are on the inside?

@mikeysmom (2091)
United States
June 3, 2008 7:15am CST
i think looks are overrated especially when it comes to women. women can wear makeup and look like a totally different person than they do without so it is hard to judge natural beauty. also women are expected to be thin and not have any gray hair yet men look more distinguished many times with gray hair and i see men on tv that have weight on them but if a woman does it is a problem. i am more interested in what type of person you are on the inside. i think if you are a good and kind person it goes a long way to making you more attractive on the outside. i do think people need to be attracted to each other physically but that does mean different things to different people. so what is more important to you?
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@jer31558 (3683)
• United States
22 Jun 08
Most definitely it would be how they are on the inside. I think that is so much more important than how a person looks. To me, someone's personality can take away from their physical appearance.
• India
17 Jun 08
I am a person who would look out for quality that matters more within that that which matters outside. Beauty can be deceptive but inside quality rarely does. Beauty will fade away, but not the beauty within. The person may be beautiful but she is not a sincere person then marriage will be a hellish experience. Blessings!
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
14 Jun 08
I don't really go for girls who seems like they're "too made up"... I always go for people who have beauty inside rather than the outside... Our looks can fade but if your heart is true, it'll never change...
@dierdre (2213)
• Philippines
7 Jun 08
well looks are the "come on" so to speak when you meet a person for the 1st time, you get attracted to the physical beauty which makes you want to get to know a person further, but when you start to get to know that person, then its either you get turned on or off regarding his/her attitude. so in the end, personalty is really the one that counts.