Who is watching the summer Olympics this year (2008)?

@nanajanet (4436)
United States
June 17, 2008 7:57pm CST
I love the Olympics. My faves are the gymnasts (artistic and rhythmic) but I enjoy diving, the swimming and track & field events. I am sad though, that I may miss a good part of it. We will be in Italy for most of it and I don't know how they show it over there. I can tape so much of it, but I will probably know the outcome before we get home. Do you enjoy the Olympics and what are your favorite events?
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• Philippines
9 Feb 09
I love watching summer Olympics! Gymnastics is one of the events that I really look forward to. 1996 olympics was the main reason why I got interested to watching gymnastics.
@cripfemme (7718)
• United States
15 Aug 08
I am watching, and I'm glad it was there to keep me sane when I was in the hospital. Even under all the morphine, I had to smile when Michael Phelps kept smashing those world records and the US Men won bronze in gymnastics. Now that I am home, the Olympics are a big part of my recovery. I get up every day and watch them on DVR as well as write about them.
@icon_001 (586)
• India
16 Jul 08
Hi, I would be interested in watching Gymnastics, 100, 200 and 400 M races - both Men and Women as well as some of the other Track and Field events plus swimming in Olympics this year
@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
16 Jul 08
I love to watch gymnastics on tv whenever I catch it on! Unfortunately, the only time I've seen it scheduled so far this summer it was on at the same time as a movie I really wanted to watch, and I figured that I'd probably be able to catch it some other time. LOL I think I'm actually gonna do a search on my sattellite box to see if there is anything scheduled anytime soon, because I really love watching gymnastics! Swimming is cool too, but with that one I prefer actually swimming myself as opposed to watching it. hehe
@marina321 (4561)
2 Jul 08
I particularly enjoy the gymnastics and ice skating so I will tune in:)
@syeryn (574)
• United States
22 Jun 08
I watch both the summer and winter Olympics. In the summer games I like to watch swimming, diving and gymnastics.