Frequent myLot Flyers: How do you keep up?

United States
June 26, 2008 2:09am CST
For those of you who seem to be all over myLot, how on earth do you do it? I try and keep up as best I can with my discussions and my friends discussions but I soon get way lost. I'm a pretty good typer and all but I just don't know what the secret is to keeping up so quickly and so well with so many discussions.
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@KrauseHome (34185)
• United States
28 Jun 08
Well, the time I have available to be able to come online surely varies. There are weeks and days I have more time to come in here and post than others. Those are the times I find the topics, etc. that interest me the most and then post to some of them, and go from there. I find you have to be selective at times for sure in order to not get lost on here. As for Friends, I do what I can to keep up with some of them, and will admit since I have so many of them I try and keep up with them as I can. There will never be enough hrs. in a day to keep up with everyone and everything here.
• United States
28 Jun 08
I agree, there are just not enough hours to do it all!
@baileycows (3669)
• United States
3 Jul 08
I think it just takes some time on here and dedication. But you have over 1000 posts looks like you have all over mylot too :o)
@carolbee (16241)
• United States
2 Jul 08
I don't keep up no matter how hard I try. I recently started a discussion apolotgizing to my friends for not always responding to their discussions. I just can't sit here all day and type. Bothers my back. I do have dial up which is a slower process but gets the job done. I type fast but even typing at a good speed doesn't always warrant accomplishing what I would like to do in a day's time. I do see some members who are able to post or respond to mega discussions throughout the day. Good discussion here.
• United States
30 Jun 08
I am typing as fast as I can. I am behind because I have not been here for two days. I have over 100 posts to answer. Wish we luck on getting to them all.
@subha12 (18454)
• India
26 Jun 08
I keep a tap on discussion started by my friends most. then i browse all the sections. there rae also alerts when anybody respond to our discussion. its not that much hard.