Do you have pets at home?

June 27, 2008 7:57pm CST
What do you usually do with them? We have lots of pets at home and I am always making sure that they had the best food ever...
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• Philippines
25 Dec 08
Yes, I have a pet dog.
@tholmes (101)
• Canada
13 Jul 08
We have 3 cats at home right now, 2 girls and 1 male, they are great little friends to have around..I make sure they have everything they need, the best vet care, and also the best food. They actually have more furniture than we do lol.. The male and one of the females is from the same litter, but you wouldn't know it, the male is HUGE!!(like a lion, in size, not fat just huge and fluffy) orange, and white and long haired, the female is black and white, tiny and short haired, the other female on the other hand is like the big ones baby or some thing, she is kitten sized (she never grew much), almost the same orangy color as the male and same kind of face.. Strange how 2 cats from the same litter can look so much different isn't it?
@mcat19 (1358)
• United States
1 Jul 08
Four cats live with me. They are inside only, eat only canned Wellness or Natural Balance food. I try to give them exercise. One of them sleeps with me every night.
@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
29 Jun 08
I have just one dog, a calm dog...Rex is very calm and never irritates anyone at home...He is on time for having his food...He is very faithful..
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
29 Jun 08
now i have cat and goldfish...and i just make sure they like what they are eating...i am not sure what the best food is...all pet food looks the same to me. i dont want to force them to eat something they dont like. my indoor cat is usually restless, goes up and down the stairs, lounges on the couch, sleeps on the bed, sits by the window, watching the outdoor world go by, gets excited when he sees another animals, mostly another cat, and goes hyper. if he needs anything, he comes to me and tells me. i follow him to his food area, and it is either food, water, or clean my litter box.
• China
28 Jun 08
Yes,my parents and I have tried many times to raise some pets at home while all failed at last.Like cat,dog,bird,goldfish,all of them are sent to others at last.The reason is that we are so busy about our work and study that little time is left to take care of that pets.So I made a dedision ultimately and go to the pets shop to buy a tortoise.It was put in the fish tank and it needn't too much care,even in winter you do not need feeding it.It is the only pet live at my home now.
• United States
28 Jun 08
I have a guinea pig and I make sure that he eats well. I also take him out once in a while and let him walk around the house but he prefers to walk inside the kitchen. My mother has two parakeets and I usually take care of them for her sometimes by giving them the food and stuff.