What is legal drinking age where you are?

United States
June 28, 2008 9:52am CST
Here in New York, USA legal drinking age is 21. I don't think it makes any sense because we are legal adults at 18, but cannot legally buy a beer until 21. However many people in this country are very immature and don't drink responsibly, so sometimes I feel like 21 is even too young to allow them to drink. What is legal drinking age in your state/country? Do you agree that is a responsible age? Are there many irresponsible drinkers there?
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@gemini_rose (16194)
28 Jun 08
At the moment it is 18, although I think they keep going on about changing it too 21. Mind you it never stopped me, I used to go in pubs when I was 16, did not really enjoy it though until I was 19 and that is when it all started properly! I think 18 is OK, there are a lot of irresponsible drinkers in UK anyway regardless of the age of them.
@gemini_rose (16194)
28 Jun 08
They try to be here but not all the pubs do the checks so they still get in.
• Philippines
29 Jun 08
From where I am from, legal drinking age is 18. But I don't think that age would solicit responsible drinking. In my country, anybody at this age and who drinks would definitely end up fighting against or with his drinking buddies. But then, even young kids can buy liquors from stores. They can say that their father or any older relative asked them to buy one for them. Stores don't check this, as long as they get paid for the purchase.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
22 Aug 10
I feel Drinking is really a addiction and not easy to quit all of sudden. But good thing is there are many rehabilition center for helping to get rid of these habits. to make a great change in life..I dont drink but i helped my friends and few of them quit addiction to drinks
• United States
9 Jul 08
Of course her in Michigan its 21. As for people being immature while drinking that happens at all ages not just at 21. I think that at 18 it is a responsible age since we are allowed to make life decisions at 18.
@baileycows (3669)
• United States
2 Jul 08
Our legal drinking age is 21, but most bars you only have to be 18 which does not make sense to me.
2 Jul 08
Here in the California it's 21. I think it should be 18. If you can die for your country at 18, then you should be able to drink too.