What's the sweetest thing that a guy could do for a girl?

@selece (2357)
June 30, 2008 8:16pm CST
white rose - ugh.. just got to love white roses. hehe.
For the ladies, what would sweep you off your feet? What would be the sweetest thing that a guy can do for you? For the guys, what is the sweetest thing that you think you can do for a girl? Let's stay from the usual "I'll stay with her for the rest of my life"...blah blah blah... Those cheesy lines. Let's try to be concrete. Sure there are many ways to show love and appreciation right? Let's try to be unique as possible. We could probably make use of this discussion someday. Hehe. For my part.... It may actually not be the sweetest thing but here's what I did a long time ago, it was for Valentine's Day... I asked her friends to help me out. I bought white roses and distributed it among her friends. Then, while she was alone in their classroom, I went it, gave her a white rose, sat down in front of her with my guitar. So you could imagine what I did, I sang for her. Hehe. While I was singing,one by one her friends came to give her the rest of the white roses. After that, I told her that I love her. That was it. Hehe. I thought I might share this so some other guy would find this idea useful. I hope to hear from you my friends,fellow myLotters! Thank you!