do you spell check you letters

July 1, 2008 5:55am CST
actually i dont, what s the point , his age of computere english it s just that you hav to conveyur message and most of hte time short forms are used, and how will the computer be able to deciopher wat u hav writen, but official letters occassionally one may be forced to spell check
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@poshboy (312)
• Indonesia
16 Jul 08
i do spell check my letters, i usually just read it once before i post it, so i can make sure i write it correctly so other people can understand what i meant :) maybe the least i check is the grammar, since i don't know it well, i think u can tell it by reading this comment LOL
@scout50a (30)
1 Jul 08
I spell check with my eyes because otherwise half the computers in this country use american best just to know your spelling.
@kameleen (151)
• Belgium
1 Jul 08
i never use spell check, cause i normally don't need it in my language. At school we are spell-drilled :p . But for english i use a dictionairy to look up a word now and then. I prefer the dictionairy method cause i will be more concentrated on the word i look up and will remember it better later on. In a few weeks time my english spelling has become pretty good :p . If i may say so myself. a lot better then my french in any case ;) .
• India
1 Jul 08
I do spell check but now I have switched to opra and there is no option here.I don't know how to install spell checkers here.
• India
1 Jul 08
I always prefer be careful while writing letters and check the letters when u had written be careful when you are writing official letter it may causes remarks to you
@egdcltd (6786)
1 Jul 08
I hate short forms, and always use proper English. I find the short forms harder to read, and they greatly reduce my reading speed. I don't spell check as often as I should, although I have a Firefox spell checker addon.
@zweeb82 (5716)
• Malaysia
1 Jul 08
I never do spell check either unless like you said it's an official letter