how much cheese do you consume in a week?

July 7, 2008 11:39am CST
i like little cheese on my toast, so i assume i atleast consume 250 gm cheese per week, is it normal or too much
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@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
22 Jul 08
If you don't have a problem with weight, it's no big deal. Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein. I wish I could eat 250 grams of real cheese every week. I've been buying the yucky 9% fat versions. It makes a quick sandwich, but it is lacking in flavor.
@enzabird (130)
• United States
21 Jul 08
I eat cheese in some form with dinner every night. even if it doesn't fit too well I'll sprinkle some Parmesan on my veggies. My family goes through cans of Kraft cheese at an alarming rate!
@Angelwriter (1956)
• United States
14 Jul 08
I couldn't give you a number, but it's probably too much. In addition to pizza roles, which have cheese, I also put cheese on my fries and eat snacks with cheese -Doritos, cheese curls, cheese puffs. And, I eat at least one of these every day, and sometimes all of them. I'm a cheese addict.
@fxcash (105)
• Canada
10 Jul 08
I love cheese on toast, it is one of my favorite treats actually, especially if I put it in the microwave and melt the cheese onto the toast it makes a really tasty treat.
@magojordan (3254)
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
I eat around two cheese sandwiches or more everyday. So I think I consume around as much as 250g. Well I love cheese and I think it's ok to eat lots of it.
• India
7 Jul 08
Hi I use cheese rarely.
• United States
7 Jul 08
My children have cheese almost ever day, in one form or another. They love grilled cheese, mac n cheese, cheese slices on their sandwich. At least one serving of cheese per day, is not uncommon in my house.