Do you Dare to play Pranks on Strangers?

@poohgal (6851)
July 13, 2008 10:17am CST
It's common for my friends to play pranks on one another. It brings more fun and joy to the friendship. However, I have never Played Pranks on Strangers and I do not think I ever dare. I have a friend who dared and have done so before. It was very funny listening to what he did to those poor Strangers. He shared with us 2 accounts: 1. He was on the last train. He was alone in his cabin. There was a guy in the next cabin (alone too). Half way through the ride, my friend started making weird eerie sounds. The guy was so frightened that he immediately walked to another cabin with more people. 2. He was on a taxi at late night. In the middle of the ride, he told the driver he saw a 'lady' along the roadside. My friend then commented about how pretty she was. The driver kept saying he did not see anyone or anything. But my friend kept saying he did. The driver then ignored my friend and kept quiet throughout the journey. When the taxi reached the destination, my friend made another comment which really frightened the driver. He commented to the driver how lucky he was to have another passenger waiting to board the taxi. Actually, there no passenger and my friend was pretending again. This time round, the driver was really scared and he told my friend to ask that passenger to get off because he did not feel well and need a break. After listening to my friend, I couldn't help but laugh. It was really playful and mean of him to do that to a Stranger. I would never have the guts. I really pity his 'victims'. How about you? Have you Play Pranks on Strangers before? Do you dare?