Do You Used Pirated Copies of Software?

@Muelitz (1592)
July 17, 2008 9:18am CST
Are you using a pirated copy of any software? Are you using it regularly or as an evaluation copy with an intention of buying an original one in the future. I am wondering if there is someone brave enough to answer this discussion that the software he is using is not licensed . I am using a licensed copy by the way, The Windows program that I use came with the laptop. And the other programs that I use are shareware and freeware programs. Just Curious, SFC
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@nokia6233 (937)
• India
19 Jul 08
i used to have them in my system.... but now i have shifted ot linux and i am amazed by how much free softwares are available....its just amazing
17 Jul 08
Hi Muelitz, No we don't use pirated software as we do not want to chance getting a virus and it is very wrong to do so. No thanks. Tamara
@dhangski (3194)
• Philippines
17 Jul 08
No Muelitz. I don't use pirated copies of software. Just like you, my windows came with my laptop that my husband has bought for me. He bought freeware programs too. Happy postings. HUGZ!
@pkraj111 (2459)
• India
17 Jul 08
Why do you think it is bravery to admit anything like that.No one in their right minds will answer this discussion affirmatively
@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
17 Jul 08
I'm using a licensed, bought operating system, but since I built my system, it obviously didn't come with it. Hypothetically, if I was using pirated software for other things on my computer, like audio or video software, etc, (no admission whatsoever) I'd be hesitant to admit it anywhere online where I could be setting myself up for copyright or piracy charges later on. Hypothetically speaking, of course. And again, hypothetically, it would have nothing to do with bravery, and everything to do with self preservation, lol.