what did you feel when you first saw your child?

@zeny_zion (1284)
July 18, 2008 2:06am CST
as a mother i felt so relieve because the pain of labor is gone. next of course i ask my pedia how's my child. it feels that you are in heaven after giving birth and saw you child for the first time. when she smiles she's like an angel.
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@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
22 Jul 08
I was very happy to see my son. It wasn't a hard labor or pregnancy. I was quite lucky. I never really got morning sickness. When I gave birth I was elated and excited and his father was really happy. I was even more happy when we brought him home. My husband and I will be married for four years in August. My son will be five in September.
• United States
20 Jul 08
Unfortunetly i was not able to actually hold my daughter and look at her after 3 days, i was on so many meds and after the c'section and postpartum hemmorage i really didnĀ“t even have the capability of being able to hold my own daughter,,, but the day i saw her and held her was the best feeling i have ever had its an unexplainable feeling, i was so happy to see that she was ok health wise and that finaly she was here after so many months of waiting for her.
@kezabelle (2985)
19 Jul 08
With my first child I felt as far from in heaven as is possible to get, she was full term but in complete shock at the delivery not breathing and was rushed to NICU where she spent her first few days, more hell than heaven I say. Mostly it was fear and terror and upset those first hours but once we knew she was ok I just felt releif. My second daughter gave us the same fright but came round fine and with her I just felt like a lot of demons I had from the first birth were laid to rest.
• Philippines
18 Jul 08
The feeling was unexplainable & the happiness was so heartfelt really... My first son is a special child because he was born premature..So after 7 years we decided to have another baby so my little girl came. I undergo CS operation but I was half awake so I ask my Ob how's my baby & when my OB told me that my baby is ok & I somehow took a glance at her face, after that I fell asleep already.
@se7enthbird (8327)
• Philippines
18 Jul 08
my wife had a lot of miscarriages before we hit the jackpot so we are really excited when the birth did came. when i found out that it was a boy during her 7th month ultra sound i was really happy. of course there is no problem if we had a girl but having a boy is something to fathers to be like me. i was so excited and my wife gave birth to C-section. they showed me the baby without clothes yet to show that i had a baby boy. he was so cute. every viewing schedule i am always there at the nursery taking pictures of my son. i am sooooooooooooooooo happy words cant describe what i felt when i first saw him. now he is two years old already pictures appears as my avatar