Does your dog chew rocks?

@tina2696 (127)
United States
July 18, 2008 3:43pm CST
I have a crazy dog! She is a lab and english setter mix(I think). Lucy is addicted to playing fetch, we are still looking for a support group for her! ha ha So far she has found a way to completely destroy every toy/ball we have given her, now she is into rocks. She is constantly dropping them in my lap or on my foot. It is amazing that she has not broken or chipped a tooth yet!!
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@saraloui (25)
19 Jul 08
My german sheperd carries rocks around in his mouth and how he hasnt managed to drop one on his foot is amazing. He has a chipped tooth and we're still trying to get him out of this obsession
• United States
18 Jul 08
If I let him, he will chew them up and eat them, like some kind of snack. The vet says he will outgrow it.
@snowy22315 (39919)
• United States
18 Jul 08
My dogs lasted thing is to scratch in the ground for worms or whatever is there and eat those. He gets plenty to eat from us. I dont know why he is doing that. I think it is not good becasue he could maybe get parvovirous or some disease from that. Everytime I see him do it I yell at him. Whenever he comes in and his nose is brown I know he's been into the dirt again. He also crawls under the front porch. I guess there is some excitement going on unde there.
@spalladino (17927)
• United States
18 Jul 08
I have a little dog and she chews on little rocks every chance she gets. I heard that it's not good for dogs to do that, and especially to swallow them, so I usually take it away from her...which isn't easy with a little rock in a little dog's mouth.