Identical twins weigh the same at birth!!

July 18, 2008 4:46pm CST
A mother from Longsight, Manchester has given birth to twin boys Jacobe and Joshuah -both born weighing exactly 2.23kg (4lb 14.5oz). The 17 year old said 'Its amazing. somebody told us the Kray twins weighed the same. I hope they dont grow up like them.' I have never heard of this happening before and is strange for both twins to weigh the same at birth as normally one gets more food than the other. One is normally stronger than the other. Being a twin myself, I unfortunately was the weaker one and had to fight to be feed!!
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@gemini_rose (16194)
19 Jul 08
You are a twin are you, are you identical? I used to live near longsight funnily enough, just around the corner from Longsight, not much to do with your discussion I know but just thought I would tell you that interesting fact LOL. It is weird them both weighing exactly the same though.
19 Jul 08
Not really identical due to us being different genders, but Im sure there are similarities. Some people say we look like yet others say we dont!! It is strange that they weighed exactly the same!!
@kezabelle (2985)
19 Jul 08
Yes i think with identical twins its more likely to have one smaller as they share a placenta, im an identical twin and was a lot smaller than my sister.
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18 Jul 08
My Goodness that is a blessing and a phenomenon all at the same time. Like you i have never heard of this happening. I hope that they are healthy and everything.