Why abandoned them when u decided to give birth to them??

July 20, 2008 12:55am CST
Recently, i saw in the newspaper about a baby begin abandoned in the rubbish due mp after coming into this world.. What are the parents thinking? If they does not want to take care of this new life, why let it come into this world and suffer? I had also read a lot of news article about baby begin abandoned at the staircase, on the roadside and even in the toilet... Even if they don't want the baby, why can't they just give the baby away or let the baby get adopted by someone.. Throwing the baby at the rubbish dump is a very irresponsible act...
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@kezabelle (2985)
20 Jul 08
Possibly the worst place to dump a child, but i dont think anyone can judge without knowing the facts people dump children for many reasons and id say most need help more than anything else as I think it takes a very desperate person to dump their own child
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@nilouette (635)
• Philippines
20 Jul 08
I agree, they are very irresponsible! All they want are pleasures of the flesh, they do not think of the consequences of what they are doing or what they have done. Bad Karma to them!
• United States
22 Jul 08
Crimson, I don't know where the event yu refer to happened, but around here they have what should be a perfect response to the problem. A baby can be dropped off anonymously at any hospital, police station or firehouse, and no questions will be asked. Pregnasncy is terrifying for some women, especially the very young. They think they can handle it, but when push comes to shove, they know they can't. Still, some babies are left in trashcans or on the steps of churches, or just at the side of the road, because a young mother has managed to keep the whole thing secret, and is afraid somebody will find out if shhe goes where she should.
• United States
21 Jul 08
I have never understood people doing this. There are so many people that would love to have babies and can't have them naturally. This is very irresponsible I agree with you there. Babies are to be treasured and nurtured. If the person who gave birth to the child is not capable for pete's sake give it to someone who is. Not just discard it like it isn't even human.