Car or motorbike

July 21, 2008 1:51pm CST
What is better car or motorbike
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24 Jul 08
motorbikes and moto car are both useful.. both names are based on moto - means all u need is fuel. Raining or hot, it will effect the moto cyclist, of cours4e, however the fuel consumption is the first thing that we`ve to think, when a gallon of fuel now hiking to 134 usd.
• United States
21 Jul 08
Hey, new myLotter! You'll surely love it here! Whether to choose a car or a motorbike depends, to a greatextent, upon where you lie and where you drive. I'd love to save money, gas and environmental problems by riding a motorbike, but it's not a good idea here. The weather's too hot and rainy, just about every day. The roads are overcrowded and we're theworld's capitol for Road Rage, so bikers really take big chances. Public transportation is very poor, so you'd need a car, anyway, for stormy trips. You didn't let us know what you think...
21 Jul 08
Car for sure. It is much much safer as compared to a motorcycle. Motorcycle has its plus points like low fuel consumption, but nothin is more important than security.
@Amanda81587 (3046)
• United States
21 Jul 08
I think a car!It holds more people And I am not into the biker stuff.