I'm sure this discussion will get deleted, but...

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July 21, 2008 4:23pm CST
Can someone please tell me what happened this weekend? I wasn't on Mylot much and it seems as though there was some more drama that occurred. Was it proven that another well known member had 2 accounts all this time? (I'm not talking about dfn, who readily admitted this fact and thus has been banned from Mylot). Has this other person been banned? Who is making the accusations? I am so confused and just want Mylot to be a happy place again!
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@Hatley (164027)
• Garden Grove, California
21 Jul 08
awonderfullife mooch did not have two accounts, she left because cheesehater and some other thugs bullied her til she could not take it anymore.Please do not say she had two accounts, she did not and that is the truth These people who bullied her should have been banned that is for sure. I am one of her many friends and she was not guilty of anything.
• United States
21 Jul 08
Hello Hatley. I did not say that she had 2 accounts, I was just asking if the rumor was true. I have since read the links and now understand what happened. It is a very unfortuante situation. It looks like cheese has left too. Very sad.
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22 Jul 08
Do you think there's a way to make myLot a hate-free zone? Sometimes people seemed to think tearing p others was a great sport. It's just plain disgusting. Maybe I lost a lot yesterday because somebody included some of theat garbage in a discussion of which I was part? This is a place for social and financial networking. There's no room for hate there!