Why do all the good people get screwed all the time.

United States
July 24, 2008 12:05am CST
Hi. I just want to know why good people get screwed all the time. Im a mother of three. Two are grown and gone. Have a teenager at home. I am currently separed from my husband of 23 years. We have been separted for almost four years. He is just now starting to pay his child support. My husband was and still is an drinker. Since my separation, I have been a mess. Trying to find a job is impossible. There are people in this world who love to make people suffer. Guess what. Im one of them. I was turned in because the sidding on my house is messed up. I know that. How can I fix it if Im not working and dont have any help. My parents, god bless them, have been helping me paying my bills but they cant do it anymore. Im in danger of getting my lights cut off and losing my house. Im just tired of all this mess. Then there are people who are totally evil, and they get everything they want. Is that fair.
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@Bluepatch (2480)
• Trinidad And Tobago
24 Jul 08
What attracted me to this response is the fact that Bryan is my name and I'm now in the same position as yourself in a lesser way. My family helps me to but they are getting tired of doing it all the time. I have a job but my salary is run out. All I ate yesterday were two egg sandwiches. There's a vendor downtown who lends me money at horrific rates and I owe that person a huge sum of money - and yes, good people get screwed all the time. Well, I go to God, and therein lies my help. I believe that He helps people and I know He helps me. I am not sad or despairing and I take it all with a faith that just keeps me going month after month. Basically, I understand what you're going through and here in Trinidad there are heaps of that kind of suffering everywhere. My advice to you is to go to God. I have no other way of putting it.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
24 Jul 08
DoBryan hi not all good peopleget screwed and you are not doing yourself any good by having a pity party. there a lot of people worse off than yourself believe it or not look around you at what you do have, and you will see what I am getting at.Feeling sorry for yourself just puts you in a swamp of depression you cannot get out of. Who ever told you that life is fair. I broke my shoulder at age 79 and that was not fair, I had to have shoulder joint replacement, and that was not fair, and I lost most of the use of my left arm, and that was not fair, but I do cope, and so can you. you are alive,you are fairly healthy, you have parents who love you. Why cannot you find a job, quit with the pity party and buck up, you can do things, dont keep saying you cant thats self defeating. Even if you could only get a job in burger king I have heard they pay nine dollars an hour and that is better than nothing.let us know how you fare, and I am going to send myprayers to you to get a really good job and get to feeling better. prayer power does wo rk,