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@neelygal (1022)
July 24, 2008 10:42am CST
How many of you are following the story of the 2 year old missing in Orlando.Her name is Kaylee Anthony and they think her mom killed her.Shes been missing for quite some time and they are holding her mom for questioning.Do you think her mom did it?The police had dogs sniff out her car and found decomposing smells coming from her trunk which she says is rotten pizza.I never heard of pizza decomposing.I have a bad feeling she is guilty of killing that poor innocent child.
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26 Jul 08
I have not heard about it but only because I am over here in the UK. Sounds horrible and I hope they do find her alive as that would be a better ending for the little girl than if they find out her mum killed her. x
@carolbee (16241)
• United States
25 Jul 08
I really believe the mom is behind it all. She didn't report the little girl missing for something like 5 weeks. The mother didn't tell her parents either and made excuses why they couldn't see little Kaylee. Now that's strange so yes, I am pointing my finger at the mother. If she was totally overwhelmed by raising the little girl, she could have talked to her parents and worked something out for temporary custody. I felt overwhelmed when our 3 girls were younger but never did I think of doing anything but getting away from the house for a short time to destress myself. I would go to the store when my husband came home or run another errand just to get away for an hour. It did help. I feel sick when I hear about a story such as this one. There is no valid excuse to harm a child. It totally disgusts me. Since our kids are now grown, I can't wait to see them and very much enjoy spending time with them.
@cjgrooms (4456)
• United States
25 Jul 08
I have a feeling that you are right and that the Grandmother knows it and is covering it up.
@Bluepatch (2480)
• Trinidad And Tobago
24 Jul 08
I prefer to stay out of these horror crimes and all the speculation that comes with it. We cannot help but speculate and you never really know what happened even when it goes through the courts. Its better to stay away and if you know personally of people involved in something like that just try to help in whatever way you can.