Does anyone have any hints for dealing with hot flashes during pregnancy?

@ersmommy1 (12600)
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July 30, 2008 10:16am CST
For the last week, I am having what can only be described as hot flashes. I am drinking water, and wearing light clothing. Not to mention alot of sleeveless shirts. I sleep with a fan. I am out of ideas.
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4 Aug 08
From Wiki Answers: "A lot of my friends including myself had hot flashes as well as cold flashes duiring pregnancy. I would say it is normal. You're body is going through a lot of hormone changes. The change in the hormone levels is what causes these flashes. If it helps at night use a fan and try a cool shower before bed. That's what helped me." ( I'm a guy, I can't help much. )
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
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31 Jul 08
Exercise Regular exercise may reduce the number of hot flashes you get. It can also decrease how long each one lasts. Cold Compresses or Water Cold compresses or cool water can help stop a hot flash. This can also help keep one you just had from coming back. The inside of the wrist, inside of elbows and the back of your neck are good places to apply a cold compress. Applying to either side of your groin can help with a hot flash too. Stay Away from Hot Water Hot showers and hot tubs raise your body temperature, which can stimulate a hot flash, so steer clear of these. Paced Breathing When in the middle of a hot flash, paced breathing can be key. The North American Menopause Society has shown that women who practice steadied breathing had many fewer hot flashes - 50% less. Smelling Flowers Even smelling flowers can help. Some scents calm the body, like roses, vanilla, lavender, lemongrass, geranium, ylang-ylang and clary sage. Don't Smoke Smokers may also experience more hot flashes, especially for thinner women. Cutting down on smoking will help but quitting is even better. Smoking triggers body changes that cause earlier, more frequent, and more intense hot flashes. Hope some of these helped found them at a site I found. My granny used to say eating alot of cucumbers would help also.
@katsmeow1213 (29044)
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30 Jul 08
That happened to me while I was pregnant with the twins, and it turned out that it was a blood sugar issue. I had to start checking my blood sugar levels a few times a day, and follow a stricter diet, and decrease my sugar intake.