Firefox, Safari or Irternet Explorer?

August 3, 2008 9:00am CST
I currently have Internet Explorer, and wanted to know if the other internet services are any good? Any tips?
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@elsoft12 (1825)
• India
3 Aug 08
Firefox is a better option of the three.Its stable and offers better security while browsing compared to others.My recommendation would be Firefox for internet browsing.
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• United States
3 Aug 08
• Malaysia
3 Aug 08
I would recommend you to use firefox because I find it to be more secure than internet explorer. I found that I got less adware after changing to firefox. In addition to that, there are many add-ons that can make web browsing easier. I especially like the flash block add-on which saved me time because the flash objects take a long time to load. If you are using your mobile phone to go online regularly like me, I recomend that you try opera mini. It makes browsing the web on the phone feel like using a computer. The modified version: opera mini mod has even more features.
@nahidbd (731)
• Bangladesh
3 Aug 08
Firefox is the best. So many people shouting every day even some on mylot for the praise of Firefox. I have used all of them and found Firefox the best. Because it is faster, safer and easier to use.
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@slavezero (835)
• Philippines
1 Sep 08
I also tried using other browser but firefox is really the best amongst them. I prefer Firefox for a lot of reason. One is, Firefox features the all-too-familiar tabbed browsing feature. No more opening multiple browser windows, eating up your precious RAM and slowing down everything on your computer. While a more recent Explorer version can provide the same feature, Firefox pioneered the idea and there is a definite difference in feel when using tabs in Firefox as opposed to Explorer. Also a very important topic amongst those interested in browsers is that of security. Most studies show Firefox as marginally better in this field as well even though Internet Explorer had years of a head start. This has been partially associated with the way in which Explorer is tied into the operating system while Firefox is a completely independent application. Add-ons are a popular browser feature that enables enhancements to be made to browser by users. Well Firefox does anyway. Internet Explorer is notoriously hard to code add-ons for while Mozilla even provides help in doing so on their website. They welcome users who add functionality to the browser and a much wider range of applications are available, doing everything from music playing to game downloads. Finally, a feature of Firefox exists that is not really a part of the browser on a whole, but is rather a modified version made by users called Firefox Portable. This application allows you to take your browser, along with its history and bookmarks, with you everywhere on a USB Flash Drive.
@bluespace (132)
• Canada
4 Aug 08
Firefox is unmatched for it's useful add ons and Opera is probably the fastest and has great features built in .If Opera had the same add ons as FF I'd switch,
@neezarsa (22)
• Indonesia
3 Aug 08
I like tons of extensions in Mozilla Firefox, that's a reason why i still use Firefox. But, so many people talk about Safari 3 is faster than Firefox 3. And, Firefox 3 still eat so many memory usage in my computer. Maybe, i'll try Safari 3 soon.
@vicky30 (4777)
• India
3 Aug 08
Firefox is very good.It has got a lot of themes.It is a very stable browser.It has got a lot of add ons.It also has security updates to protect the browser.
• Singapore
3 Aug 08
I'm currently using IE with Vista and apparently there is a lot of problems with it. I do face a lot of challenges with it. My husband has asked me to download Firefox. I tried but something is blocking it from being operational. I can't seem to find the problem. It must be because of Vista. Firefox is faster. My husband uses it on his computer.