Best of Days

@lisa0351 (303)
United States
August 11, 2008 1:09pm CST
So, what was the best day of your life so far? Pick one day, and describe why it was so special to you. Whether it was a birth of a child, a wedding, or just an all around good day, pick one or a few and describe it. Or if you have memorable days, you can describe those too. My best day was my wedding day, and the days after that on the honeymoon. I felt so beautiful and loved. It was a feeling and a high like no other, just an all around good day. I was with the people I loved most, on a gorgeous day at the height of my glory. Another great day was my Junior prom. I remember this day so well, because if was beautiful. I had lucked into my cousins 500 dollar prom dress that was a perfect fit, was with a great date and all of my good friends. We had the prom at an art institue and garden, with gorgeous scenery. It was so enchanting, I will never forget it. I've had several other awesome days that stand out in my mind, but I won't bore you with them! I want to hear about yours!
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@skenthal (1022)
• Turkey
11 Aug 08
my best day was my graduation from the high school i was with all my best friends went out at night to celebrate the hard work of our 3 years and our graduation we went to a club at night almost all of us got drunk we danced all day talked (but i dont remember what we talked but we had fun) and next day when i woke up i was dying from a headache and i was like oh where am i ?? but it was really fun day so i can count it as the best day of my life
@Bluepatch (2480)
• Trinidad And Tobago
11 Aug 08
One of my best days or even my best ever day was when I went home and apologised to my cousin and asked her forgiveness. She tearfully said yes and I felt like a million dollars for the rest of the night. I cannot describe how wonderful this feeling was. I can't go into details but thats the gist of it. And it was incredible.
• India
11 Aug 08
My best day was too my wedding day. and before that the day I found my love my husband. The day we started loving each other. I really adore those days when we loved each other and then everybody in the family agreed luckily and we got married with elders blessings. Then my best days was my school days and college days which I enjoyed and celebrated with my friends. Its really great to recall those days. thank you
@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
11 Aug 08
I have had several occasions in my life that stand out as very happy. I would have to say the birth of my son, Andrew who will be five in September is the happiest day. I had placed a child for adoption about six years ago because of some personal problems in my life. Being able to go on and have another son really meant a lot to my husband and me. I had a wonderful pregnancy and childbirth and he means the world to me.