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August 11, 2008 7:05pm CST
I wish I could remember the title, and I'm not sure the star was urgess Meredith, but I often think of one episode of Twilight Zone when my husband reminds me I can't spend all my time reading or on myLot! The main character had all sorts of minor spats with people, and major spats with his wife. All he wanted was to be left alone so he could read in quiet. He ended up the last man on earth, in a huge library. The first couple of steps he took caused him to step on and destroy his very thick glasses, and he couldn't read at all!
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@leenie50 (3992)
• United States
12 Aug 08
Hi Cobra, My husband went online to find the Twilight episode you are talking about. It was called "Time Enough At Last" and Burgess Meredith was the lead actor. Good memory. My husband wants me to use his laptop in the evening when I'm on mylot so I'm not in the office all night. If you want the web sight to locate info I have it. My hubby loves these old shows and also has a good memory. Hope that helped. leenie
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12 Aug 08
Wow! Thank you and thank your husband! I think sometimes those shows were too old to be remembered, but we do remember them well. The same sort of thing goes for Outer Limits and Alfred Hitchcock, etc. The people who write for TV these days should take a lesson from it. Quality shows are memorable, and they bring in large, faithful audiences.
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
30 Nov 09
That's one of my favorite episodes as well -- I can really relate to the main character. In a weird way, having a world to yourself to read and do what you want is a kind of Heaven...even though if that actually happened to any of us we'd probably spend our time mourning all the people who drove us nuts when we were together! It's still one of my life fantasies to have all the time I want to read. Maybe one day. Hopefully it won't take a nuclear disaster to make it happen.