which is best in lasvegas

@jutson (18)
United States
August 13, 2008 3:42am CST
friends tell what you think about losvegas and which is the best one there and why u liked it
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@stellarjade (1240)
• United States
30 Aug 08
Vegas is just a cool place. There are so many great things about it. The shopping, casinos, and random people. Its almost like a different world there. I think my favorite thing to do in Vegas is go to concerts.
• United States
29 Oct 09
The problem with concerts in Vegas...they cost more than you paid at home for the same group or person. They get people in the spending mood and then they sock it to you. So the only shows I see in Vegas are the one that you can't catch at home. Why see U2 in Vegas when you can catch them at your hometown for less and better seats.
• United States
8 Mar 09
What's not to love about Vegas?? It is total gluttony! Gambling in glamorous casinos, bumping and grinding in a club, drinking and drinking and drinking(no last call). It is absolutely one of the best places! Everything is always open and avaiable whenever you may need it! There are shows, shopping, and that one chance you may go home a millionaire;)
@timhinyy (1653)
• United States
24 Feb 09
only been there once for my sisters and aunt wedding we stayed at mandolay bay it is a really nice place i enjoyed the spa they had there lots of nice variety of places to eat though they can be on the expensive side but overall i enjoyed the expierence they had a really nice pool there but it was so unbelievably hot that i could stand to be outside for long and since i had to be a suit i didnt want to be out there for long cause i was hot but they have great air conditioning inside not much luck in the casino except that had these huge slot machines and when i say huge i mean huge had to be about 10 feet high with this enormus handle to pull on to play got lucky on that once got about 60.00 so that was fun the worst part is the travel all the time in a airplane not so much fun
• United States
12 Jan 09
I love everything about Las Vegas!! I got married there 2 years ago, and we have went back 3 times since then. My favorite hotel is the Luxor. I also love going to the Harley Davidson Cafe. Another favorite of mine is going down to Freemont Street at night!!
@uicbear (1903)
• United States
7 Jan 09
There are several Cirque De Solie(sp?) shows at the various hotels on the strip. While they are pricy, I don't think you can go deciding to see one of them. The tough part is chosing which one is more your taste. I saw KA at MGM my last visit and my mouth was dry from it hanging open in amazement for most of the show.
• United States
30 Nov 08
I love everything about Vegas. The weather, the food, shows, etc. The best buffet however is at Planet Hollywood. It's called The Spice Market Buffet. They had so much to choose from. My fav hotel is The Palms because it's soooo Hollywood.
@casinocat (284)
• United States
30 Aug 08
I love Las Vegas! I usually go about three times a year. I'm a gambler, so winning is my favorite thing! LOL! Right now I'm really enjoying Pai Gow Poker. One of the best things about Las Vegas is being treated so well. I feel I am always treated as a VIP, no matter where I stay (usually MGM/Mirage properties.) You just don't get that kind of service at the Holiday Inn!
@debny711 (264)
• United States
14 Aug 08
I have been to vegas about 8 times. Its a great place. Its so pretty at night when its all lit up. I have rented a car and went into the mountains, we went to different towns and we went to california. We stay at the harrahs because we are comped there but we have stayed at MGM,Excaliber,Circus,Circus. We have walked through all of them. They are all beautiful.
@inutme (372)
• Philippines
13 Aug 08
I can't quite explain why I love Vegas. It's just a real fun place to be in for a few days. Not for longer than a few days at a time for me though, I will probably spend all my money there!
• Canada
13 Aug 08
My favorite thing I did in Las Vegas was mountain climbing. I went to the casinos but it wasn't that interesting to me. I went to LA and saw Hollywood. I went to Crenshaw avenue. I drove down Santa Monica Peer and went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Boat Resturant on my last trip to Las Vegas so for me all the things around Las Vegas did it for me. Las Angelas was on only like 3 hours over the montains so that drive was even fun for me driving with the top down through the mountains.