I'm going to work again., What motivates you to wke up every morning for work?

@Jenaisle (3803)
August 21, 2008 7:03pm CST
I'm off to work again, an 8 to 5 job that sometimes grows monotonous with routine activity. but today there is some sort of contest, so it's exciting. I hope we'll win. Wish me luck.
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@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
29 Aug 08
I have one of those monotonous 8 to 5 jobs. I never feel motivated to go except that I need the money. What I do have to do though is motivate myself to wake up early. I motivate myself to wake up by letting myself enjoy some computer time in the morning or even playing the harmonica.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
27 Aug 08
its good that you are again engaged in work again.i think there are some motivation or urges that make u swake up. i may not like my job very much, but I also wake up very early to go for work
@bowtieguy (5927)
• United States
22 Aug 08
I do it for my boys, I want them to grow up with a good life. I want to be able to aforid to give the everything they need. I get up every morning at 5:30 to get them ready for shcool and get ready for work. I drive them to school on the way to work and get home around 5 or a little after. I have been in the same routine for at least 2 maybe three years now. It is a bit monotonous but I know it is worth it. When I see my boys come home with A's and helping me out around the house, to see smiles on their faces and to hear them tell me that they love me is all I need to motovate me to get to work everyday.
@jillhill (37383)
• United States
22 Aug 08
Good luck! I do hope you win! What motivates me? Money! LOL....that is the first motivation I guess! After work is when the real motivation starts when I am working on my own thing!