August 25, 2008 7:39am CST
A woman is the most important thing created by God. There are different kinds of women on this earth. It is the misterious thing. Can we predict just by seeing a woman about her nature, her interests and her values?
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• Canada
26 Aug 08
Thank you for this post. Women are indeed beautiful, cherished presences in the human race. It is nice to take this opportunity to praise all women and celebrate these gifts to humanity. We, as women, bear children and do great things all over the world every day. It is a female gender celebration.
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• India
30 Aug 08
Great, I like your comments and views. You have praised all the women in a wonderful way. Kindly accept my congratulations
• India
25 Aug 08
No,never we cant predict a woman by seeing her woman is a complete secret which cannot be read if read it will be lost so please dont ever read a woman by just seeing her my friends.
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• Malaysia
5 Sep 08
hi shreya woman have some inner characters that they do not know they have.. a woman may be able to see what is behind her, or before her but may not be able to see what lies within her . i am a woman, i want to be a good human in life and help other people, i want to be a charitable person.... but without realising myself, i hate my mother in law for all the bad things she is doing to me .. although i have all the good traits, thee hatret for my mother in law is actually spoilling my self image .. so it is difficult to judge any woman because we may change at times due to the circumstances
• Dominican Republic
28 Aug 08
I dont think so... For knowing, really knowing a woman there's got to be more than a couple of looks, we are very complicated... really complicated... Xp
@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
26 Aug 08
I sometimes think that I am a pretty good judge of character. The outside of a woman does not always reveal her personality. I do believe that sometimes the looks of a person can sway another's interests. I believe that some women are overlooked and have very nice personalities. They are overlooked because someone might not perceive them as attractive. And that isn't a fair assessment all of the time.