Sister and Brother in-law relationship

@rainmark (4303)
August 27, 2008 7:47am CST
Recently, i have known that my sister and brother in-law are having a mutual relationship. They are living together in our house philippines, i am thinking that, it is disgraceful. They are planning to get married, but i am married to his brother and he will going to marry my sister. is that ok that my brother inlaw going to marry my sister? Is that disgracefull?
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• United States
28 Aug 08
Why would that be disgraceful? Your sister is marrying a man she loves, and you aren't married to him....and nobody else is. So he's your husband's brother - why does that make it wrong? Let her have the same happiness you have found without finding fault with it.
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@chaijudin (506)
• Indonesia
27 Aug 08
it,s your own choose
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@sunkissed (4332)
• United States
27 Aug 08
Well to me it is not disgraceful, if they are really in love with each other. you did say that they are going to get married, maybe they are waiting for the right time to get married. There are a lot of people now days that live together before they get married to make sure the marriage is going to work out.Sometimes it is better this way than having to go through a costly divorce.
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@applefreak (3131)
• Singapore
9 Oct 08
well i don't see what is disgraceful about that. in fact, i'll feel happy that they are together. imagine having the same parent-in-law with your sister. at least the two of you can share pointers and tips on how to get along with them. it might make situations a little complicated but i think that's fine. it's not as if they are related by blood. i think you should feel happy for them. cheers ;p
@rsa101 (17846)
• Quezon City, Philippines
9 Oct 08
Well I think there is nothing wrong with that if both are free and single. There is no law that prevents that kind of a relationship. For as long as they love each other then I think its fine and okay.
@Hatley (164347)
• Garden Grove, California
14 Sep 08
rainmark You say your sister is marrying your husbands brother? No that is not disgraceful nor incestous no immoral either.My own great grandparents married brother and sister in a double wedding ceremony. Your sister and your husbands brother are not blood realtives at all, so why would you think it disgraceful. it is not first cousin nor brother and sister marrying. give me a break. let them have the same happiness that you and your husband have. dont badger them for some false belief.Dont go out of the way to upset their plans, they deserve the same right to happiness that you do. Inlaws are not blood kin.
@rocker21 (2717)
• India
27 Aug 08
i DONT understand why people cant find something better. yes its disgraceful