What Happens if you Never Pay the Debt Collectors?

United States
August 27, 2008 7:21pm CST
I was just having a discussion with someone here on mylot who mentioned the 'Bill Collectors' calling, and I got to thinking.... I have had Debt Collectors calling me for years. I never answer the phone unless the caller ID says it's a friend or relative. I had my first credit card 20 years ago that I never finished paying off. Then other cards over the years that got out of control. After I missed payments and the total got so high I couldn't stand opening the envelopes anymore, so I got depressed and would throw them away without opening them. I got so used to them leaving messages that I skip over every day, but sometimes I get to wondering if they will actually DO something. Would they ever come and take my car away or something like that? I imagine if they could, they would have by now, but nothing has happened yet. I just wondered if anyone has any information on this sort of thing. I would LIKE to be able to pay everything I owe, but so far, I never even have enough money to pay for all of my utilities each month. When my son was little, his dad introduced him to a friend named Bill and my son asked if his last name was Collector!