Chased by the roto-rooter man!

United States
August 30, 2008 9:53pm CST
Okay, this was really a stupid thing I did a while back, probebly or so. It wasnt the right thing to do, but, we all make mistakes! I had a problem with my toilet. I lived in a house at the time ,which had only one toilet.The darn thing got clogged.The bad thing was that I didn't have any money to get it fixed and I was desperate. So, I called a friend and she told me to just call the roto-rooter man and they will come out and fix it. Then when he asks for the money afterwards, I should just look at him stupid and say "I thought you guys billed!?". Well, I didnt know what else to do and it sounded like a plan so I called him. They sent a guy out and he did indeed fix the toilet. When he finished he told me the total which was I believe was about 75.00 and then stood he there waiting. So, I looked at him confused and said"I thought that you billed for service?" This guy got mad, which I expected but then said in a calm but stern voice,"Well, we don't bill, so I will just wait here until you get the money somehow!" Boy, I was amazed and kinda scared! It wasnt what I expected. So, after a few fake phone calls trying to get money, finally I told him I couldn't get it but would get it to him within a few days. He walked out very angry. The next day he came back and I didnt answer the door, but, he wouldnt go away. He was yelling that he knew I was home, he sees my car out there, etc. I started getting angry with him. Even though I did that I still thought that he was crazy for cursing and banging on my door. I had the money about 3 days later and sent a check in. But, the day that I sent in the check, this guy actually ended up cutting me off in my car, blocking the road with his roto-rooter van and was yelling out his window "Where's my money!"(and some other foul stuff) I told him about the check and finally, even though I know he didnt believe me, He drove off. I learned my lesson after that ,now I just laugh when I see a roto-rooter van go by!Did you ever have anything like this happen to you?(I'm thinking, have you ever hid from anyone you just didnt want to be bothered with?Or did you ever plan something that went terribly wrong that you now laugh about it? happy Mylotting all!
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@teamloud (91)
• New Zealand
31 Aug 08
I just love people like that, seems to me that all they are interested in is the almighty dollar! If it was me I would've spotted his van beforehand and CUT HIM OFF! EVERYONE and by that I do mean everyone, no matter what country, no matter what nationality, are Struggling right now to make ends meet There IS NO easy answer! I have hidden from people before, but I have also gotten into peoples faces When you owe someone, and you know it, if you hide its ok, but if you get up in their face and say HANG ON A SECOND! they generally tend to back off and that makes it easier to get things sorted! Just MTCW...
• United States
1 Sep 08
Welll, you definitely have a point there! That is one thing that I have always said money can be very evil,especially to those who put it #1 in front of everything!Thanx for sharing!
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
31 Aug 08
well just remember one plumbing...just as in poker...a flush always beats a full house...and roto rooter is #1 in the #2 business hahaha