soft or hard bristle kind of toothbrush?

September 1, 2008 2:06am CST
I bought my dad a toothbrush yesterday but he didn't like it for it has a soft bristle. he told me that I should buy a toothbrush with a hard bristle for it's durable and it will clean his teeth thoroughly. but I told him that I've tried using a toothbrush with a hard bristle and it makes my gum bleeds, and I can't even brush hard for it was so painful whenever I am brushing.. so I've choose a soft one, for I don't want him to suffer what I've experience.. we keep on arguing about it, on what's good to use.LOL., and he told me that I should inspect first the toothbrush if it has a hard or soft bristle before buying it.. I just jokingly told him that "how am I suppose to know if the toothbrush has a hard bristle? would you like me to try it first before I buy it?".. and he'll just laugh. but later, after work, I'll buy him a new one. how about you? would you like a toothbrush with soft or hard bristle?, and tell me what's the benefits of the toothbrush you chose..thanks!