Battlestar galactica for real?

@Antzon (159)
September 5, 2008 6:22am CST
True or false it is definately a strange world out there. There is a medium that claims she have channeled messages from outer space and that a large "space craft" will reach earth on 14th of oct and appear for everyone to see proving that there are life out there once and for all. However will they be coming? if yes, who knows what technology we will uncover, culture that we will learn and new "people" that we will meet. If no, well.... at least the article was interesting :P. Whats your view on this and the full link is
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@BlinkMe64 (150)
• United States
5 Sep 08
That would be really cool if that did actually happen :) but i doubt it will :(
@Sam334 (125)
• Singapore
5 Sep 08
Yeah true, it would be great if it's true, but it's not gonna happen. For all we know, there may really be something that exists outside our world, but we won't be finding the truth soon with the kind of technology we have. It may be true that outerworld life may approach us, but I'm not gonna believe that "medium" crap...
@owlwings (39878)
• Cambridge, England
5 Sep 08
I spent quite a time exploring Blossom Goodchild's site: . It certainly seems less 'cranky' than many others of its kind but whether that is a commendation or because the lady is an actress by profession (which does not, of course, condemn her to the rubbish bin), I am not certain. It seems that 'The Federation of Light' are simply coming to show their ship to us for 3 days this time. The message says that there will be no contact (but many organisations will try to interfere with or contact the ship). The paramount thing is that they come in LOVE. Ah well, we shall have to wait and see, I suppose. I shall be very interested in the reaction of the world if, on the one hand, the ship does show up, and equally interested to know how the lady will deal with it, if it does not. I am always keen to give people like this the benefit of the doubt. Most of them are trying to spread a message of love and peace and seem to believe genuinely in their powers. I cannot see anything harmful in what they say, since it usually agrees in essence with the 'great truths' of most world religions.