Generation Gap...Parents vs children

@zandi458 (27952)
September 8, 2008 1:34am CST
How many parents face problems with their grown up children? I ask this because I have problem with my grown up son who doesn't seems to agree with me on most matters. He sees me as 'outdated' and does not comprehend the fact that as a parent I have the upper hand in whatever decision I make for his own good. He is 26 years old and before he finished his college he seems to be the goody goody boy that I always think he is but now after being in the working world he seems to act like he is the boss and I am his 'obedient servant'. Parents it was said could not understand the new generation of youth because their own experience were said to be different when they were young. The situation presented to youth in a changing society is so complex, only youth could understand what they were going through. Parents were fuddy-duddy, not only did they not understand, they were unable to empathise with the young and could not cope to any extent with what was taking place in society. And parents stomached all this because there was very little else they could do. If they protested they were shouted down. I hope to get a good advice on how to deal with this problematic attitude from those parents who have successfully groomed their children to be 'forever respectful and obedient to them.
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@Lakota12 (42684)
• United States
8 Sep 08
IS he still living at home? If he is that is your domain not his and he needs to respect that! Dont know what I did but my kids never sass me. Really they never did. I guess I kept the upper hand and never let go.
@Wizzywig (7859)
8 Sep 08
I have two sons in their 20s. Neither of them live at home and I would not dream of making decisions for them. I may offer an opinion but it's their life. My parents would not have made decisions on my behalf at that age either. If your son is living in your house he should accept limitations as to who/when he invites into your home etc. If you are prepared to cook/clean & do his laundry - that is your choice... not his demand. I think a parent needs to accept that their child will change as they grow, they are influenced by a wider circle of people once they go out into the world. The world and society also changes - for better or worse. Both parent and child must realise that the values the other holds will differ. Often they will disagree but that doesn't need to lead to an argument... they have to 'agree to differ' and move on. I would say that I have a good relationship with my sons. We respect each other. Its not a case of 'parent vs children' I hope you and your son are able to discuss your differences and be friends