Anger and hate eat you up from inside

@klaudine (3657)
September 24, 2008 10:43am CST
I used to be a very forgiving and forgetful person. I just forgive and forget if someone did something bad to me. And one day, a year ago, something just happened to me and I became someone else. I kept grudge, I had this anger and hatred inside of me and I really suffered from it. Anger and hate ate me up from inside and I feel hollow. Anger and hate is like a bad cell eating another cell of you and makes you someone that is no longer a whole a person. I wonder why it could happen to me. I started to think about revenge and how to make people suffer. I started to hate people and pull myself out from the society. The only place where I still like I used to be is here in the virtual world, where I don't have hate and anger. have you ever hate someone so much it makes you sick? Have you ever hate someone so much, keep the anger in your heart and change you into a worst person you would ever met?