has anyone ever read the book 'tuesdays with maury'?

@cher913 (25893)
September 30, 2008 11:36am CST
was it a good book? did you enjoy it? i havent read it but i am wondering if i should? can some one give me a plot outline?
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@patgalca (14172)
• Orangeville, Ontario
30 Sep 08
I haven't read the book but I did see the television movie. But as we know from previous discussions, movies aren't as good as the books. This is a very touching story and well worth the read. It is also a true story about a young man (the author) who visited with Morrie every Tuesday. Morrie was an elderly man who provided him with great life knowledge. That's the basic plot line... from what I can remember.
@mimico (3619)
• Philippines
30 Sep 08
It's actually spelled Morrie. :) And it's a very good book. It's really short and easy to read so it won't take up your time. I won't give you a plot outline you can read the summary or preview online if you want. But trust me, it's definitely worth it. :) You'll be able to reflect on how you've lived your life so far. :) If you don't want to spend on a copy I'm sure your local library has one or you can always download a copy online for free. There are many ebooks out there you just need to know where to look...
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• United States
5 Oct 08
It's a very good book. It's very touching and inspirational. And yes, I agree if you don't want to buy it, you can go to your local library and borrow it. It's quite an easy and fast read, but it gets you thinking about life. I haven't watch the movie yet so I can't answer or compare in regards to that, but the book is really worth reading. Its many lessons in there are very true and show us the things we often miss in life.
@saundyl (9698)
• Canada
1 Oct 08
I listened to it on cd while driving to work (was tired of radio) I really enjoyed the story. I cant remember it well enough though to give you and outline of it. I would highly recommend the book though.