Death of My Mother

United States
October 15, 2008 4:16pm CST
My mother passed away a little over 1 year ago. Although I seem alright on the outside, I am still really hurting on the inside. They say that time heals all wounds. I am not sure that time fully heals the loss of a loved one. You are always going to miss that person. But I guess time makes it easier to deal with the loss. I can say that it's easier to wake up in the morning. It's easier to be around people that talk about her. But I still cry every day because I miss her. I can't believe my mother will not be a part of children's life.
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@carmela0210 (1591)
• Philippines
20 Oct 08
im sorry to know that, but really you have to move on!!she cant rest in peace if you would be like that, just keep on thinking that she sjust out there watching at you!!!
@kmurti (100)
• Russian Federation
18 Oct 08
oh i am so sorry for you, i know how much it pains when we lose someone..but that is life our breath is counted and sent..we cnt hve one more /one must be tough..i can understand how mothers are great support to their kids..and no matter hw old everyone if us wants mom around and for a is a great role to play and it is very easy to do it for her..i am not very old ..but if u feel comfy u can think mom is gone to work far away..and be in touch with meee!! i would love to listen to all ur woes and cheer ..and make u feel good.Deal?? i cant be her but i can be a substitute..i say this to my buddy who is senior to me in age too.. who stays far away from his dear mom whom he adoer like crazy.....i always tell him i love him as much as his mom does..u knw it is possible .for a woman..she can love so much..nature has made her dat way.. why do we say MOTHER EARTH..not father Earth..rite?? ..see hw much of load she takes..dats her.... mom!! so be brave and nvr sad..dats what ur mom wud want of u she wud hate to see u cry and crib.. my buddy always says..when they are gone from Earth our near ones become a the sky.he is rite...choose a brite shinning star up there and u will find ur mom there...smiling down at u and ur kids too..teach them dat too.. with all my love..
@selece (2357)
• Philippines
18 Oct 08
I feel for you. I lost my dad less than two years ago. Up to now I still carry the pain, but I try to shift my attention on other things when the memories resurface. I saw him pass away, right before my very eyes. And it haunts me when I miss him. I miss him so much. Please accept my sympathies, I am sorry for your loss... God bless. Hope you'll always be okay. Life goes on, no matter what. I'm sure your mother won't want to see you this way.
@artibg (292)
• Bulgaria
18 Oct 08
I'm really sorry to hear about this dear. I know that it will hurt for a long time but people saying that time heals are right. There's nothing on this world that could make your mother come back but you'll get used to this when several years pass. My grandmother passed away 2 years ago and I'm still missing her a lot but i try to think about what she left behind- what a nice person she was, all the things she has done during her lifetime. This helps me in a way because i know that she was a good person and she would not want me to cry because of this. happy mylotting
@syankee525 (6295)
• United States
18 Oct 08
sorry to hear about you mom, i lost my back in 96. it took me awhile to heal from losting her. i know with my mom, she was ill. but we lost her and my aunt to a car accident. but i keep telling myself, mom isn't in pain anymore from being ill. time does heal. i would say the first three years was the hardest for me. but i am a true bleiver my mom is around all the time. things happen to where i almost fall off a roof, but don't. she kept me. like the other day a deer hit my car. but it didnt hit the front part. but my back door. my mom kept it from hitting the front of the car. everytime i see the first rose of the summer it makes me think of her. your mom will always be in your heart, and soul. things will remind you of her. time will heal. remember all the good times you two had together. best wishes to you
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
16 Oct 08
Hi skamaka, Welcome to myLot, I hope you will enjoy your time here and make many friends as well as some money. This is a good site that will pay you on time, just be sure to post some good discussions and comment on other discussions. Try to make your posts at least three lines, you won't make much with one liners. Now to comment on your discussion, the loss of a loved one is very difficult for anyone but time is the great healer. You will never forget your mother and it is right that you should not, indeed you will always miss her but things get easier with time. When you think of her try being grateful for the good times and the memories you have of her. Blessings.
@Munchkin547 (2778)
16 Oct 08
I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your mother last year. I don't think that time can completely heal the space in our lives that it lost when we lose a loved on but it does make it easier to deal with. As time passes you will probably find that you still miss your mum -you'll never forget her and never stop loving her - but it will be easier to handle life without her and to talk about her etc. I don't know what your beliefs are but even though your mother has passed away, i believe that she will be watching over you and your children, and she can still be a part of their lives, she is a part of you, she made you, therefore you ca nkeep her memory alive, by talking about her, letting your children know what she was like and all the things you loved about her, and perhaps having photographs on display, then they'll always know the sort of person their grandmother was. I do hope that time makes this easier for you. Take care xxx
@dawnald (84148)
• Shingle Springs, California
15 Oct 08
My condolences. I lost my mother in 2004, and no, time doesn't ever totally heal the loss of a loved one. It does get easier over time though. And everybody mourns differently.
@jarael (666)
15 Oct 08
aww im so sorry hun. apparently it does get easier with time, but you will always miss her and think of her. for each person the length of time grieving is different. try to remember all the good times with your mother, think good memories and then maybe you will train your mind to automatically think of the good times when you are feeling sad. i have not spoke to my own mother for over ten years and i see so many people disrespecting their mothers and talking to them like dirt on there shoe. they do not realise such a precious thing they have.