Could you tell me something about your neighbourhood?

October 16, 2008 9:17am CST
I want to know something about your neibourhood .Could you help me?
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@spalladino (17924)
• United States
16 Oct 08
My neighborhood consists of a couple of streets in a subdivision outside of a very small town in south central Florida. There is a canal that divides the rear of the properties on our block from the rear of the properties on the next block. There are fish, turtles, a pair of coots (they look like black ducks) and, sometimes, a gator or two living in the canal. We have sugar cane fields, a sod farm and a nursery down the road. We also have a beautiful river three blocks away in the other direction. We moved to this neighborhood specifically to be close to my husband's family and they own most of the property on the block across the canal from us. My husband's brother and several nephews have homes there and his father lived there until he passed away last year. There are also some old friends of my husband's living on our street. So, it's a very friendly atmosphere and one that we enjoy very much.
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• United States
23 Oct 08
I live in the suburbs of Savannah with lots of construction and building going on.
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
18 Oct 08
well my is the hood.. it's gethoo. some places around here are bad and we have crime. but my court i live in is really cool. got good people except one lady she's kind of a witch. but i live in not a big city, i live in the subs. but it's growing around here and so is the crime.
• Ireland
17 Oct 08
If you are thinking of coming to my neighbourhood for a quiet holiday with nothing to do and nowhere to go, then you would be coming to the right place. I am living in a small little out in the middle of the countryside. There are only a few houses and lots of farms. There is one petrol station which also sells groceries and hot food to take away. The groceries cost much more than the supermarkets and the food is like rubber. There are three pubs (sure it wouldn't be Ireland if it didn't have a few pubs in every village) and one catholic church. And that's about it. Mind you, having lived in the capital of Ireland for most of my life, it is good to be living in a peaceful little village and I amd only a few miles from the nearest town. I love the peace and quiet.
@rkrish (3003)
• India
17 Oct 08
I stay in an apartment with 21 flat houses in it. This is a new upcoming developing area in my city. And the neighbours are very close to each other and we always have recreation in week ends and planning to celebrate this festival season in novemeber in a grand way
@Munchkin547 (2778)
17 Oct 08
my neighbourhood is full of old houses, mostly terraced, the majority of them were built over a hundred years ago when the factory and mill owners built them for their employees to live in! It's a nice neighbourhodd, my neighbours are all friendly and my brother lives about 2 minute's walk from me! There are a few busy roads closeby though which means it is sometimes noisy!! overall though i like my neighbourhood, i feel safe here! xxx