When you bought (or when you buy), did (do) you want 'character' or brand new?

@mommyboo (13198)
United States
October 19, 2008 11:53am CST
I have run into SO many different opinions about this! When I bought (and in the future when I buy again), I was much more interested in turn-key condition, fairly new (20 years old or less or with the modern layout/conveniences of a new home) and without any major functional or cosmetic issues that had to be dealt with or remodeled immediately - think having to replace flooring, exterior paint or reside, reroof, landscape or correct ruined landscaping, replacing showers/tubs and/or toilets, fencing and the like. I much prefer to go look at a place, see that it has a good layout, good flooring, acceptable as is bathrooms and kitchens, plenty of light and storage, and know that there won't have to be any extra money or sweat equity spent in getting it ready to move in. I'm also a modern gal, I don't need character in my home. I'd prefer my home is comfortable and comforting, a haven from the rush and craziness of the world, orderly and clutter free - not somewhere I have to explain all the little 'character' flaws to guests and explain that the knocking noises are from 100 year old pipes... and that the whistling noise is from original casement windows... ick, or that I have no closets... or no pantry... or no laundry room.
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• China
31 Jul 09
I have bought a new house and I need take more time to design the layout and ask for some workers to do labor for a month.
@soooobored (1187)
• United States
19 Oct 08
Ooh, I think about this all the time. I take the opposite view that you do! I live in a really bizarre area: the town I live in now (as a renter) is famous for spawning that craze in the fifties where all houses are built EXACTLY the same. So in this town, there are four styles of house, that is IT! You can walk into any house, and know exactly where the bathrooms/bedrooms/etc are. No basements. It's depressing! And the town motto on the wall of the library is, to the effect: Every day your life isn't going to get more interesting, your days aren't going to get easier. But if you end up with an extra nickel in your pocket, it's all worth it. Yet just down the road is a town that's been around for hundreds of years! It's kind of run down, but there are beautiful houses that were part of the underground railroad! The history there is awesome. And the townspeople are incredibly involved, they host tons of free events / art shows / heritage days. They have independent businesses that do well, as opposed to the town I live in where really only chain restaurants make money. For me, despite the flaws, I will ALWAYS take character over convenience!