All I want to do is sleep - why?

Gloucester City, New Jersey
@jerzgirl (7019)
October 24, 2008 10:38pm CST
I don't know what's wrong with me anymore. I'm always tired, can sleep all day and all night, can't focus on any one thing very long without having to do something different, just never feel totally "here". I don't know if it's depression or if there is something medically wrong with me. I just can't seem to stay awake. I get up, make breakfast for my mother and me, check my email and within an hour or two, am back asleep in bed. I get up around lunch, get something to eat, check the 'Net a bit and again, more sleep. Then dinner and the same thing after that. Around 9 or so, I wake up, get online, get bored, go watch TV, get bored again, come back in, get online yet again and then go to bed for the night. Of course, during this time I've taken care of Mom's needs (her meds, her oxygen, helped her get dressed when needed, fed the cats, etc.), but I can't seem to go beyond that. I just have no desire to do anything, no energy, nothing. Has anyone ever experienced this? What did you have to do to overcome it? Was it a medical condition or was it emotional? Anything you did on your own that helped?