forrest gump: a great movie

@Keola12 (717)
United States
November 1, 2008 11:36am CST
Forrest Gump is about a good hearted soul who overcame obstacles in his life, to become a good leader, a man of many talents in that he was a good runner and football player, champion of ping pong, excelled in fishing, and inspired others to follow his good examples he set. This is such a heartwarming movie, in that it made me laugh and cry all at the same time.
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@JamesKYTan (1607)
• Malaysia
26 Oct 09
Forrest Gump was the first movie that I watched where the main character was acted by Tom Hanks. From then on, Tom Hank is my favourite actor. He acted very well in many movies including Polar Express (3D). I like his famous sentence in Forrest Gump! 'Life is Like A Box of Chocolates'..It is really meaningful. Later his personal assistant invested his wealth in an IT company called 'Apple'. A very touching and wonderful movie of all time!
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@Iriene88 (5350)
• Malaysia
27 Oct 09
Forrest Gump is a very memorable movie besides Titanic. I like the attitude that Forrest Gump portray. He looks at life very positively and full of Encouragement. His popular phrase that is still fresh in my memory " Liffe is like a box of chocolates! You never know what type of chocolates till you open it". Therefore, we should take life challenges and live life to the fullest!
@sblossom (2170)
26 Oct 09
I can not remember how many times I watched the film. I watched it on my DVD, also on TV in Chinese and English. I think I can tell every details of the film now. it's one of my favorite movies so far. and i don't think i will change my taste. I also think the film is one that every one should watch at least one time in their life. I know history and life both would not like that in the movie, but I chose to believe if you have a faith in life you can be successed and happy.
24 Apr 09
It certainly is a great movie! This is one of those films that nearly everybody I know loves and people love to 'quote' lines from the film! I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing this film!
@Savvynlady (3686)
• United States
11 Mar 09
I found it a great movie from the first time I saw it, but it was like, he kept being at the place where things were happening and he had no idea how it got to that. Except the time when he mooned President Johnson at the White House, he kind of asked for that.
@tkleyr (406)
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
Oh yeah! It was indeed a very good movie I have ever watched in my entire life. I feel like running too.
@juanmary (39)
• China
12 Dec 08
It's one of my favorite movies.Forrest Gump is an unusual person.he always help his friends in any way he can.I think its difficult for us to do this.
@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
6 Nov 08
Oh yes! Hubby and I watch "Forrest Gump" every time we come across it on the t.v. I like best his simple (homespun) wisdom! Sad movie tho, on many fronts. I simply loved Captain Jack.. can't think of the actor's name right now.. an actor I think I like even more than Tom Hanks.. And the war and his best bud who got killed.. and of course the gal he loved and all her troubles.. Love the scene where the lady at the bus stop tells him her apartment's just down the way..
@Genevie (140)
• United States
3 Nov 08
Quite often I feel like running like Forrest did! I just might!?!?!?! God Bless!
• United States
1 Nov 08
it was a good movie & i hope opened up some people's eyes about the handicapped.