Do you blowdry your hair?

blow drying - you can really see the difference when you blow dry your hair... it will look shinier...
November 6, 2008 10:34am CST
they say that if you blow dry your hair daily, it will damage your hair. but i am a witness that blow drying your hair really gives an amazing transformation to your hair. it will make your hair look shinier and free flowing... but actually, i don't really blow dry my hair everyday... i just do when i have to go on parties or anything special... i just can't find time to do this stuff... well, do you???
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@zhaychel (610)
• United Arab Emirates
7 Nov 08
No, because I ponytail it immediately because its required in our workplace. But if I'm going to attend a special occasion or I'm going out on a date, I blowdry my hair so it will look neat and organize. I use electric fan more often to dry up my hair if I'm just in the house. ^^,
@EAStanley (2689)
• United States
6 Nov 08
I never blowdry my hair. :) But, my hair is really short. :) It pretty much air dries on its own. :)
@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
6 Nov 08
I do blow dry my hair. I have not seen any ill effects from blow drying. I do not blow dry it often, like you, I might blow dry my hair once every two weeks or so. I do not blow my hair while it is dripping wet, I will towel dry it, then let it air dry for a little while before I blow dry it. My hair does not come out dry or brittle after I am finished, plus I use a cream on my hair before I blow dry it.
• United States
6 Nov 08
I have to blow dry my hair or it'll be all frizzy. I do use a heat spray that supposedly makes the heat from the dryer less damagaing to your hair. I think Vidal Sassoon makes it. It's in a black bottle.