Proper Tipping

@pauld43 (194)
United States
November 7, 2008 12:17am CST
I am a waiter and mt tips are my income. Please correct me if I am wrong, but 20% of the bill seems like it would be the proper amount to tip ,or is it. Does anyone know proper tipping practices . Most of the time I make close to 20% of my sales but I do run into those people that leave a small tip or nothing at all.What kind of tipper are you.
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@soulist (2986)
• United States
7 Nov 08
I agree with the two posters above me the general idea of tipping is 15% of the bill. Sometimes I Will tip higher if the service was great sometiems lower if it was bad. Sometimes if it was just great and wonderful I would leave a penny with the time because my mom said when she was a waitress a penny mean the service was priceless.
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
6 Feb 09
Somehow,unfortunately,I don't think that many service staff,relying on tips,would fully appreciate the "A penny means "Priceless" " message intended with that gesture...It could possibly become subject to some small degree of misinterpretation..but that's just my thought on the subject!
@allen0187 (34380)
• Philippines
7 Nov 08
tipping 15% of the total bill is the norm here in the philippines. i usually give something between 15% to 50% as tip to a waiter especially if the service is really good. however, if i'm unhappy with the service, i don't leave any tip at all. tipping is a bonus given to a waiter for good service, if i didn't get the good service, i see no reason to tip. just my thoughts.