Obama and the 2d Admendment

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November 9, 2008 7:04pm CST
Yes, it is true. Obama said repeatedly during the campaign that he supported the 2d admendment as an individual right and that legal gun owners have nothing to fear as to him doing anything to institute unreasonable gun control measures. Yes, he really did say that. Now see what a man who dealt with Obama over this issure has to say. Click this link. http://bonner.wordpress.com/2008/10/26/illinois-state-rifle-association-executive-director-richard-pearson-issues-open-letter-to-nations-sportsmen-regarding-obamas-history-in-the-illinois-senate/ I say that I completely believe everything this critic has to say about President elect 0bama and his attitudes toward guns and gun owners. Please, note that many of the facts such as how 0bama voted on different bills is easily verifiable. What do you say?
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@clrumfelt (5425)
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10 Nov 08
I say actions speak lounder than words. Also for evrey word he said in defense of the 2nd ammendment as a candidate, he said 100 or more against it. Disarmament of citizens and the US Defense Department has been one of his major themes as a candidate.
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10 Nov 08
LOL... well, yes, when you put it that way.
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