What one vegetable do you eat the most of

United States
November 16, 2008 7:32am CST
Is there one vegetable that you tend to serve the most? What are the different ways you serve this one vegetable? For me I would have to say the one vegetable I use the most is Tomato. I use it in cooking soups or mixing with plain noodles with butter. I eat it on pizza and eat it on toast sliced as toast and tomato sandwhich: yum! I know that tomatos are full of vitamin c..
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@hvedra (1623)
8 Jun 10
It can vary but we do get through a lot of tomatoes both fresh and canned because I cook with them a lot. I think carrots would be the second most frequent thing we buy. We've really cut down on potatoes of late and only have them occasionally.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
6 Jun 10
I love carrot and ladies finger very much
@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
11 Feb 09
Tomatoes are great. As a child I wouldn't eat them. Now I sure do and enjoy them in many different ways. Tomatoes however is not the vegetable that I serve the most however. That would be carrots. I love carrots too, along with several other vegetables. I enjoy carrots grated into soup, stews, salad and more. I like to eat carrot sticks as a snack nearly everyday. I enjoy steamed carrots and then mashed with turnips, served with butter and petter or good old fashioned gravy. I enjoy carrot cake and muffins. I also feed carrot sticks to my dog when I am snaking on them. I also grate fresh carrots into her rice and chicken that she has for dinner. I even enjoy a bit of grated carrot in potato salad. Carrots are very delicious. Summer is the best time as I can pick them fresh from the garden, rinse with water and eat straight away. the smaller ones are fun to eat with no slicing needed.
• United States
5 Feb 09
i love tomatoes especially when they are in season here. i buy tomatoes in the winter, usually the roma tomatoes are best i think. in the summer i will eat them w/every meal. i look more forward to them coming in the summer than anything although i love most every veggie there is but brussel sprouts.
• Philippines
29 Nov 08
I go crazy over the eggplants/aubergines. I used to hate eating eggplants as a kid but when my grandma cooked something that smells good, it turns out that she cooked three eggplants, crushed along with sauteed tomatoes, garlic and onions in a cooking oil and mixed well with a little drop of soy sauce and vinegar over a medium heat. The healthy benefits of eating eggplant are many. It tastes good when grilled, baked and fried. It can also be used as a side dish or a salad entree.
@gicolet (1704)
• United States
22 Nov 08
I mostly eat carrots with ranch dip...i like cucumbers too. Funny...they're both good for our eyes and I'm so nearsighted.
@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
22 Nov 08
I like peppers the most because when you cook with them they make everything a bit more tasty and a kick to your food. There's also so many peppers to choose from you can get a different kind of flavor from each kind.
@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
16 Nov 08
Funny that you say Tomato because technically it is a fruit but used in savory meals so cooks regard it as a vegetable. I love tomatoes and grow them every summer. They are wonderful on toast, chilis, sauces, soups, juices etc. I think the vegetable I use most often would be onions. I put it in almost all my dinner meals. I put it in salads, sandwiches, pastas, boiled, roasted, soups, etc. It is the one vegetable that would always be in the house.