Be careful about health discussions.

@ellie26 (4128)
November 19, 2008 9:01am CST
I have come across many discussions about what to do and what not to do about health issues. The discussions sometimes have links from where the article comes from. Or course no doubt the internet is a way for us to get information but can we trust them as we don't know whether the source of the information is reliable or not, whether or not it was written by a professional. One discussion was about too much drinking water can lead to death. I think it was a good article/information but I will consult doctors first to verify it. But if someone who believes in anything she or he reads without even looking into it further, may be this information will make her/him drinks less water and thus it will lead to dehydration. What do you think? Do you think it is alright to post discussions on health issues?
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@owlwings (39604)
• Cambridge, England
19 Nov 08
I think that it is OK to post discussions that ask about health issues. Discussions that merely offer information are not 'discussions' (unless they ask a question such as 'What do you think about this?') I am always prepared to consider other people's advice and experience. If a response simply quotes a web page without any other comment, I take it on its merits. I believe, though, that I am a fairly experienced Internet user. In my answers I always try to pass on that experience and express any concerns I might have about the bias or veracity of the information. One question I answered recently (about water consumption) received a comment "Thank you for discussing your opinions" when I had actually given a link to a reputable ... or so I believe ... site which calculates water requirements and had posted sensible and researched ideas about it. The discussion poster obviously chose not to trust my research (which, of course, they have every right to do).
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@msnoreen (108)
• Philippines
8 Aug 10
You're right mam,we should look it further before we take some moves.It's for our health concern.Thank you for your post.