Do you think Media misleads us?

November 25, 2008 10:02am CST
Hi my friends.I think its very well known to us now a days about the great value of media.Without media we even cant start our daily life.We can get some inner news of the most remote part of the world even via media.But its also true that some times media also becomes biased.It can be in the name of some political parties or some other aspects.So sometime media also provide us some wrong and false news which really make us confused.So my friend do u really think that media misleads us?Pls dont discuss here about the essenciality of media.
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• United States
25 Nov 08
This is yet another expression of the need for a solid education. It's really hard to mislead someone who understands what's behind a broadcast or who can read between the lines of a publication. We learn quite easily to discriminate between valid and spurious presentations. It's not hard to tell which media are really trustworthy and which are not. Sadly, too many people just accept things at face value because they were in the media. That led to some fairly ugly rants in the political interest groups during the recent campaigns. While some people went on and on about various attributes of the candidates, many were discussing things most of us knew were absolute garbage as if these things were gospel! You can fool SOME of the people ...
25 Nov 08
Absolutely. There is no way humanly possible for someone to report on an incident without bias and in a truly complete fashion. Even if you were there to see the event, you would not be able to think about it without some kind of bias. That's just the way humans are. As far as public media are concerned, they frequently use 'sound-bites' or short clips of people in order to communicate a certain view, deliberately misleading their audience. I still remember once, when I was writing a program on my computer and had the TV on beside me: I was listening to the UK Prime Minister at the time (John Major - it was a while ago!) and one sentence in his speech stood out particularly. I remember thinking "I bet that will be on the news later and they'll use it in *completely* the opposite way to what he intended". And I was right - that evening, the sound-bite was on the news and was being used to convey the opposite of what he'd actually meant. One simple rule: never decide your opinion on a subject using only one source. Always read several and, if possible, get hold of the full version!
• Indonesia
25 Nov 08
media is a very vital in our daily life. media owned by people, so it can inevitably transfer some personal ideas in their preference.after all, there is no absolute justice to some issues