Triond, Helium or AC?

November 27, 2008 11:11am CST
Given that there's only a certain number of hours in the day, I can't write original content or all three of these. Anyone have opinions on which has the best returns, be they cash, distribution, service, recognition or some other measurable quantity/quality? Any thoughts appreciated!
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@chocsie (262)
• Greece
27 Nov 08
I don't have Helium but I have Triond and AC. I write content on Triond and then post it on AC. I've heard that AC is very good, even though I'm not as active on it as I am on Triond. The thing about AC is that you have to have a certain number of views but on Triond you get paid a cent or so for every few views. I think AC pays more but I can't be bothered to write on it.
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27 Nov 08
Hmmm, interesting. I tend to write less and longer, less 'marketed' stuff which apparently doesn't do so well on Triond. They do seem to have a really low payout threshold, though, which is nice! I shall have to hurt my brain cells a bit more before I decide!
@paid2write (5202)
29 Nov 08
I think you have to find the site that suits your own interests and style of writing best. Each writer will find their own best site. Writers in the USA can do well at AC. Writers on popular topics, or who can churn out hundreds of 'top ten' type articles do well at Triond. Personally I do well at Helium because I enjoy researching subjects and then writing informational articles on them. I sell articles in the Marketplace at Helium and get paid every month. I have rating stars and writing stars so I continually earn around 50 cents a day just in revenue share, and under the new system I can get additional upfront payments for all new articles I submit each month.
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@elysium (169)
• United States
22 Feb 09
I like Triond the best. I used Helium and Associated Content before. Helium confused me, and I got bored with the Associated Content. I earned more money with Triond than I did on Associated Content. Also, I liked Triond's payment methods more than Associated Content because it pays out in Paypal, check, and Western Union. If you ever need help with Triond, you can go onto their forum. Their forum has answers to almost every question you may have.
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@dhatam7 (258)
• India
16 Feb 09
Hi Spike! I am front India and have joined all of the above three. Firstly, I joined Triond and did not earn at all from my only 2 articles there. After that I joined Helium and AC, but in AC they only pay upfront payment to US residents, so I concentrated on Helium. Now, with Helium paying upfront payments and empty title bonuses, I earned $109 in January on it. Not to say I joined Helium on December 15th, so January was my first real month. I won this $109 with contests, upfront payments, empty title bonuses and channel earnings. Helium people say that upfront payments are going to last for a much longer time, so I think give more of your time to it, then others. Just take help of channel stewards and others in the Community section and improve your writing & rating. Happy to help!!! Dhaval
@Raven1 (577)
• Australia
16 Feb 09
If you're non-US - perhaps try Bukisa. They pay more per 1,000 page views than Triond, Helium or AC. I'm not in the US either (I'm Australian) but I won't play with revenu share sites at all. I prefer up front paying article markets personally.
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